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Remove scratches on the Light Phone January 16th, 2024

I’m a big advocate of the Light Phone and have even written about it here. Unfortunately, I recently put it in the same pocket as my keys and it scratched up the screen a bunch. Light Phone support said they would fix it for $100, but I decided to fix it for $0.

  • Get a tbsp of water and a tbsp of baking soda and put it into a cup.
  • Put a thin piece of scotch tape over the microphone hole and speaker hole
  • Get a non-abrasive cloth (I used a sock) and dip it into the solution
  • Gently rub the scratches continuously in a circuluar motion until the scratches disappear!

I would say this removed the scratches 95% and it no longer bothers me. Deeper scratches might need a screen replacement.

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