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I’m Ryan Schachte. I’m currently a Software Engineer in Phoenix, AZ at Connexta.

Previously I’ve been at ExxonMobil, Allstate Labs, IBM, Intel and Simplewan.

I enjoy blogging about tech, programming, cognitive science and finance.

New here?

New to my blog? I recommend starting with the following three videos.

  1. Docker and Containers - A video introducing Docker, what it is and how it works from a high level.
  2. Algorithmic Mental Models for Contiguous Data Structures - A video diving into how to think about algorithms and the models to think about when dealing with contiguous data structures.
  3. IPv4, Cider and NAT - Overview video demoing AWS understanding and details of CIDR blocks and virtual private networks, NAT, CIDR and more!

I like to read, learn and teach. Have a topic you’re struggling to learn? Shoot me an email.

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